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Complementary medicine means treatment that may be given along with modern therapy. Some patient find it as alternative way to get relieved theirs symptoms with no side effect.

Experts divide it in to category like sensory, cognitive & physical therapy. Therapeutic touch, reiki, prana healing, laser treatment & advanced aqua puncture belongs to sensory category & psychotherapy & counseling belongs to cognitive way.

Sexual Disorders, Male & Female

Asthma & Allergic Disorders

Mind Control Positive Thinking. & Personality Developments Courses

Diploma Certificate Training in Cosmetology/ Sexology.

Erectile Dysfunction

Weight Gain Therapy

Diploma Certificate Training in Cosmetology/ Sexology.

Cosmetics & PRP , Laser Training

Earn At Your Place through WNHO'S Franchise

Obesity & Thyroid Disorders

WNHO Height Increasing Therapy

Micro Herbal Globules preparation for specific diseases

WNHO Franchisees

Diabetes Rehabilitation WNHO programme

Various Courses. Reiki, pranic healing & Physical therapy

Various health Gadgets

Hair Wigs instant hair patch application

Allergy Detection & Hyposensitisation

Pre Divorce Counseling

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Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari

MBBS ,MD, PGDPC (Post Graduation Diploma In Psychological Counselling) , DHPH-Homeopath , FCCP , PGDMLS , PG- Psychiatry & Psycho- Sexual Medicine , Certificate in Cosmetology , MD - Alternate Medicine , PG Cerificate Course in HIV/AIDS & STDs Management , Chest Medicine Skin & Endocrinology , Diploma in Medical Cosmetology Sexologist , Cosmetologist

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Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari

Director WNHO Health Care Pvt.Ltd.

Honorary Sexual Medicine Consultant at Aditya Birala Memorial hospital, Chinchwad, Pune.

Honorary Assistant professor in Bronchial Asthma & Allergy (T.B & chest) Department at D.Y.Patil Medical college, Pune, Ex. Clinical research Assitant at Bombay Hospital Mumbai & Pune.

Dr. Ramesh Maheshwari , widely regarding the pioneer in the holistic care. As Maheshwari's WNHO CLINIC health programmed, treat the individual not symptoms.

Our franchises are all over India as per WHO norms. According world health organization -health is not merely absence of disease , it is the to achieve balance state of physical, mental, social, & additional dimension spiritual well being. Our WNHO CLINIC take care of all above four state.

Director Dr. Maheshwari is passed out MBBS in 1983 from Govt. Medical College Nagpur & later on work at Bombay Hospital in chest medicine department & completed FCCP fellowship of college of chest physician. Then he completed MD.. Doctorate in Respirator medicine & Ph.D. he work at psychiatry department of D.Y. Patil Medical College & complete diploma in psychosexual medicine. He had several 45 papers presentation at National & International conferences.

The guiding vision of WNHO " Look good Feel Good" We imply that in today's world one's appearance & Personal beautiful & healthy skin not only helps an individual look good but feel even better by Natural Way,this is the core value of our WNHO-CLINIC. Sexology & Cosmetology and Asthma is our extensive twenty five years research work with zero relapse rate. We had advanced equipments available today in the field of Sexology, Dermatology /Cosmetology. Our training institute guides our students improve their skills & understand the subject in the right perspective under the guidance of qualified trainers Mission Statement.

Our clinics mission is to provide comprehensive Laser & Cosmetic Medicine for men and women having any skin problem & also spread awareness about the growing skin diseases in today's world . Our equipment division works hard to provide the latest technology equipments at the right price & of the right quality. Our Academy aims at imparting high quality cosmetology training with more emphases on practice & hands on experience for our students.

Awards and Recognitions Faculty & Expert At National Conference Of Sexology, Mumbai - 2014
WNHO Clinic Registered Under Government Of India As Trade Mark - 2011
Post Graduate Course Hiv /aids & Std's - 2005
Speaker Indian Andropose Society - 2006
National Conference of Sexology CSEPI - 2007
IMA Management Of Infertility Couple - 2012
IMA Fitness Medicine - 2012

Memberships Indian Medical Association (IMA)
Council of Sex Education & Parenthood International (CSEPI)
Indian Society Of Sex Medicine
All India Yoga Research Federation
Association of Physicians of India

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WNHO Introduction

Join the natural way towards good health -Since last 30 years, WNHO has been treating chronic diseases with satisfying rate. Our program provides excellent results to relieve chronic diseases by using microcellular rejuvenation activated herbal globules. Testimonials of patients as video available on you tube.

Great Benefits of WNHO Clinic fit for life Franchise

Familiar Name WNHO Clinic Proven Business System-
WNHO Clinic has been existing since 1999, recorded an average CAGR of 50% per year. We have considerable brand recognition and name familiar throughout. Franchisee’s risk profile is zero and the statistical of success are very high. Reap the benefits of a 'per existing customer base' which would ordinarily take years to establish. Most important you can start at your place without any extra investments. WNHO Clinic - Fit for Life Franchisees national marketing efforts.
WNHO clinic has three-pronged marketing strategy. National level. at www.lybrate.com state level...at www.practo.com Global level ..at www.wnhocare.co.in WNHO Clinic Marketing Team, is composed of experts who meticulously craft an Annual Marketing and group for each business vertical and also earmarks Cooperative activities with partners.
Memberships in the World Nature's Health Organization are available at several different levels. From our associate membership, which is open to everyone, to our professional membership which is open for anyone in a health care, counseling, or any other professional field. Lifetime memberships are also available. Contact us WNHO Health Care Private Limited
1 Benefits-Doctor will receive' World Nature's Health Organization' Certificate of Award Affiliation for Rehabilitation and Prolong relief in Chronic Diseases by Complementary Medicine.
2 Can attend Monthly club meeting to increased Contacts.

Health and Wealth Forum (WNHO club) Membership Benefits-

1 All Members can attend Monthly Morning Meeting with Introduction and Training Meditation, Rekhi , Pranic healing ,Hypnotism ,Acupressure, Meridian stimulation........etc.
2 All Register Member get 20% discount in Holistic Health Scan and Medical Test.
3 Members will get Platform for Exchange their Business Card to improve their Contacts.
4 Along with Consultant and Specialist will discuss Various Health issues Cure by Natural way.
5 Register Member can bring their Family member and friends for Health Programs.

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Dhanwtari Complex 2014
Opposite ICICI Bank
Near - Grahak Peth , Sadashiv Peth
Tilak Road ,Pune 411030

drrameshm2@gmail.com , wnhohealthcarepvt.ltd@gmail.com

020-24463540 / 24408075 / +09822006427 / +07972763767

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